“We commissioned Hasret to run a day-long visual arts workshops for community participants on the theme of connectivity and solidarity. The workshops were linked to an exhibition for the Horizons Festival which runs at HOME in Manchester during Refugee Week every year. Hasret carefully planned a day-long workshop that was suitable for participants from a range of backgrounds, ages and levels of skill. She was very professional at all stages of delivery from planning, to workshop delivery to finishing. The resulting art work was truly beautiful and stood up really well in the gallery at HOME. I would definitely recommend her workshops to others.”


Katherine Rogers, Exodus Creative Producer, Community Arts North West

" 'Inspiring tuition' - I find Hasret's lessons thoroughly enjoyable, mindful and uplifting.  Not only have I learnt how to draw beautiful patterns but also how to mix different watercolour paints to make even more stunning new colours and shades.  Hasret is patient and focuses on ensuring you get the technique right through great attention to detail.  Her lessons give you the confidence to explore this genre of art itself.  It is beautiful new world!"

Maja Adams, Private Tuition Student

"Hasret's dedication, passion, knowledge and skill made the course a very special experience for me.  She not only taught me the essentials required to create Islamic geometric patterns but allowed me to gain a better understanding and fascination for this art form.  

The course was everything I hoped for and Hasret was always flexible, accommodating and tailored the course to our needs and interests.

Thank you for delivering the course for us and making it accessible.  Your patience and easy to follow instructions made it a pleasure to attend.  I always found it therapeutic, calming and relaxed in your studio and found the class was a great way to unwind when everything else in my life was so busy and rushed."

Fatima Kasujee, 10 Week Course Student

"I first met Hasret at a community event in Kings Heath, where she was delivering a group workshop.  I was drawn to her use of geometry, patterns and colour.
Later, when looking for an artist for a project in Yardley, Birmingham, I remembered Hasret's work and approached her with an idea.  From that point onwards working with Hasret was like collaborating with an old friend!  On many occasions I was struck by her professionalism, calmness and dedication to producing art of very high quality.
There is no doubt that Hasret is blessed with a natural talent that is reflected in her artwork.  However, Hasret has also dedicated her career to exploring and researching the area of traditional Islamic geometric patterns.  Hasret has used her talent and knowledge to cultivate a practice that results in artwork that is original, thoughtful and nothing short of breathtaking".  

Nicola Toms, Arts In The Yard - Yardley District

Very inspirational day, thanks to all the organisers and speakers for all your efforts, being surrounded by some amazingly talented people has left me feeling inspired.

Usman Daud, Islamic Geometric Workshop at British Muslim Heritage Centre

"Hasret's talent for, and dedication to, Islamic geometric design is clear to see in her work. She has developed her own style and her workshops offer an excellent creative experience to participants".

Eric Broug, Author of Islamic Geometric Patterns & Islamic Geometric Design

We took some pupils to the workshop. The staff and the pupils thoroughly enjoyed the session. It was very informative and practical. The pupils were able to apply skills they had picked up during the day in this workshop. Hasret was fantastic! Her session was very enjoyable and she was to demonstrate to the class her amazing work. As a school we look forward to inviting Hasret to work with our pupils in similar workshops to increase their understanding of the various cross curricular areas involved in Islamic geometric art.

Ms Vadiya, Manchester Islamic High School for Girls

I just wanted to email and let you know how happy I was to finally meet you yesterday and be a part of your workshop after having admired your beautiful work online for a while. It’s amazing and very uplifting. I can appreciate the effort that goes into producing each work.  It is therapeutic as you said. I hope you have many more workshops here in the future, inshaAllah. It was lovely!  

Farah Akhtar, Islamic geometric Workshop at British Muslim Heritage Centre.

It was a great pleasure to work with Hasret. She is clearly at ease with her highly complex art form, able to share it in a relaxed way with people of all ages, skill levels and backgrounds, and has a generous and inclusive approach. We really valued her input to Brum Together, and look forward to working with her in the future.

Tessa Burwood, Co Director, Professional Incredibles

Hasret is a true professional. Her great artistic skills coupled with her patience were the perfect combination to teach our students a skill that they never thought they could develop. She was able to take them step by step and teach them not only how to create their own geometrically patterned tile but also educate them about the history of Islamic art and the mathematics behind the techniques. The students were left stunned by their own abilities and the credit needs to be given to the dedication, love and passion with which Hasret inspires others to enjoy art.

Shabana Pervez, Humanities Teacher & More Able Student Co-ordinator, Bordesley Green Girls’ School, Birmingham

We all got involved to do something different and show our skills in colour and floral pattern design while having fun.  We got the chance to meet Mrs Brown and work with her. Sameena

The workshop was challenging as I hadn't drawn a pattern using a compass before. Zakiyah

The project was stimulating, I had to think and pay attention to detail and use my math skills and creativity. Maryam 

The workshop stimulated my learning and I loved the challenges and opportunities this project opened. Sadia

Our knowledge on islamic geometry grew and I want to improve on that skill.  We haven't done this before so it was new to us and we had to go through difficult and challenging steps.  Everyone's tile was unique. Hajera

Bordesley Green Girls' School, Birmingham 8G1 Students

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