I’m Hasret Brown, a Turkish artist living and working in the beautiful and peaceful village of Harborne in the West Midlands, England. I was born and raised in Holland. My parents decided to move back to Bergama, Turkey where I spent my teenage years. Always wanting to push my boundaries and to further myself I took the challenge to leave my family, friends and my home country to move to England and experience life here where I have lived ever since.  

From my surroundings in Turkey I developed a fascination for Islamic art and architecture. This gave me the opportunity to absorb and understand my culture and traditions, which has been a crucial element to understanding the roots of my identity and where I’ve come from. Being far away from my home and culture my fascination with Islamic art rose significantly more so after living in England. After visiting an exhibition about the sciences and arts in the Islamic world in Oxford I became particularly intrigued by the geometric compositions and structures in Islamic art. There I picked up the book ‘Islamic Geometric Patterns’ by Eric Broug and started to draw geometric patterns experiencing profound connectivity through them. It awakened my soul my true path and passion in life.

Never been afraid of change I decided to give up my job in the corporate environment after a 10 year career that no longer fulfilled me. Instead I focused on my passion for Islamic geometric art and developed my creative abilities to become a professional artist. I am mostly self taught through books and courses (PSTA and The Art of Islamic Pattern run by Adam Williamson and Richard Henry) I can fit around my family commitments. This path has been rocky with many challenges but through my hard work, determination and patience I am now able to reach out to you.

I hope I can also help you to feel inspired by the beauty of Islamic geometric patterns.

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