Nicola Toms, Arts In The Yard - Yardley District

"I first met Hasret at a community event in Kings Heath, where she was delivering a group workshop.  I was drawn to her use of geometry, patterns and colour.
Later, when looking for an artist for a project in Yardley, Birmingham, I remembered Hasret's work and approached her with an idea.  From that point onwards working with Hasret was like collaborating with an old friend!  On many occasions I was struck by her professionalism, calmness and dedication to producing art of very high quality.
There is no doubt that Hasret is blessed with a natural talent that is reflected in her artwork.  However, Hasret has also dedicated her career to exploring and researching the area of traditional Islamic geometric patterns.  Hasret has used her talent and knowledge to cultivate a practice that results in artwork that is original, thoughtful and nothing short of breathtaking".  
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